What is Genetic Resonance?

Genetic Resonance is the name I chose for the self-discovery process I facilitate.

It is my own version of Family Constellations, Bert Hellinger‘s technique for addressing hidden family dynamics. Hellinger’s approach deals mostly with the repercussions of one’s psychobiological entanglement with unresolved familial/ancestral trauma, but this, in my view, is only a necessary first step in reaching a much broader goal.

At this historical moment, and more than ever before, we are affected by a much wider range of factors than our own blood relatives. This can be attributed to the social changes our post-modern lifestyle fosters, whereby the nuclear family has been replaced by the multicultural framework which is the hallmark of modern civilization. In other words, we no longer rely on the family structure to provide us with social interaction, nurturance, protection and emotional support.

Today we are turn towards life-coaches, agencies, mentors, counselors, institutions, books, mass media, self-help groups, the internet, co-workers, psychiatrists, gurus, etc., when we need validation, feedback and/or guidance. In other words, we turn to strangers, often for a fee, whom we trust have the inclination and/or the training to help us navigate life’s inevitable challenges.

This changes our inner landscape significantly, when compared to a time when the family was the first and foremost refuge as well as the main support system in an individual’s life. And this is why I believe exploring Genetic Resonance cannot be limited to addressing family dynamics but requires a wider orientation, one that includes everyone and everything else we interact with on a daily basis.